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Why take card payments?

There is a wide range of reasons as to why independent businesses must embrace card payment terminals. Quite simply, the move could help to ensure that you broaden your customer base, attracting a new audience by simplifying the transaction process. And by taking card payments, you can help to boost impulse buying, thereby ensuring that consumers spend more money, more often.

What's more, owing to the fact that card machines mean less cash and cheques to deposit, you're likely to incur fewer bank fees. And if you're worried about security, then you needn't be. Once the necessary infrastructure is in place, you can receive instant authorisation that funds from card transactions are being sent directly to your bank account.

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How can I take card payments?

Card processing is highly versatile these days and it's possible to accept card payments in-store, online, over the phone and on the move. Chip and PIN machines (also known as PDQ machines) are used by millions of businesses around the world to process card payments in-store. When it comes to equipment, there's three main options:


Countertop terminals are the most common and popular form of card payment solutions, and are particuarly popular with restaurants and retail outlets. These terminals can either be fixed at the checkout, or they can have a fixed base and the device made portable. This enables you to take payments anywhere within the business premises

Perfect if you:

  • Are looking for an easy to use payment solution for both you and the customers
  • Require a terminal that can go table to table for payments


Thanks to cutting edge technology, these terminals are able to process payments on the spot, anywhere in the UK, as long as there is a basic mobile phone signal available

Perfect if you:

  • Need to take payments on the spot in multiple locations
  • Travel for work
  • Have a particuarly large business premisies
  • Require a quick and easy payment solution.


Virtual terminals do not use a physical machine, and instead provide an online portal for you to process customer payments online.

Perfect if you:

  • Want to process payments via telephone, fax, email or an existing website.
  • Are able to manually enter card details with your customer.